Looking after those who 

Chembe Village Community project centre was created to unify, support and assist the
villagers of Cape Maclear, from the youngest to the eldest members of the community.

Volunteering and donation opportunities available during your stay in the village. 

Simply pop in to Gecko Lounge and hear more about options available to you.

Proudly supported by Scottish charity, Kenyawi Kids |



To provide safe water and sanitation to people in malawi and particularly to the
villageof chembe at cape maclear and surrounding area. To raise funds for this purpose,
both in the united kingdom and malawi, to provide materials and facilities.


The orphan care project and will house those who have no remaining relatives and
providea community centre where the Chembe Child, Chembe Malaria, Chembe Water
and Chembe Hunger projects can be found along with nursery education and health

care for those affecting by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The goal of the project is to bring the children together to createa sense of family and allow the children to be children!



Sustainable development solutions to combat food insecurity and acute malnutrition.
In a world so rich with natural resources, no child should experience the agony
of chronic hunger.The Chembe hunger relief project makes saving lives a priority.


Simply support the project by staying with us